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Jesuits serve as bridges between the Society of Jesus and their communities. In Charta77, Jesuits collaborate with the Archdiocese of Washington, other parishes, the wide Holy Trinity parish community, and other lay individuals to serve Charta’s mission.

Worship and Music

There are various opportunities for involvement in the celebration of the liturgy. The primary ministry of all that are assembled together is to become an active part of this assembly. This is the essential responsibility of the baptized – to participate in the responses, singing, listening, silence, posture, and gesture to which all are predicted.


Mass Schedule

Monday – Friday:Chapel 7:00 am 8:00 am5:30 pm

Saturday: Chapel 8:00 am

Sunday: Church 5:30 pm Vigil (Saturday)7:30am*9:00

(Church) : *9:30 am (Memorial Day-Labor Day)

They’re every particular ministry or function within the celebration, and new members of each ministry are always welcome.


Should Christianity Step Down from Being an Organized Religion?

Christianity, which had a humble beginning, is the predominant religion in the world. With millions of people practicing the religion and on the other hand humanity suffering, with nobody to harbor it, we are trying to find reasons for the question -should Christianity step down from being an organized religion. But before we get to the debate it is important that we understand, what an organized religion is.



What is an organized religion?

People were in need of religion to lead an orderly life. Remember, we are not here to find out the origin of Christianity. People preferred to frame their religions with diplomacy, hardcore principles, and doctrines so that people will not stray away from discipline. Thereby the leaders of the religion pressed on principles and made it a point to follow them on a regular basis. Nobody dares to question the doctrines of the religion else you will be called a sinner for blaspheming. This is what you call an organized religion.

With no doubt, Christianity is an organized religion. There is not any trouble with Christianity being organized if people understand the true meaning of Catholic doctrines and practice it on a regular basis. But today the case is entirely different because people only know Christianity, they have forgotten Christ.

Christian Dogma:

There is something called Christian dogma. Those are the doctrines that should be followed with no room for doubt. Despite being ardent Christians, should we still be dogmatic, is the real question. I am neither trying to stand against Christian faith nor breaking the doctrine. I am simply calling out the people of the religion to see their faith with a bit of pragmatism. And I will make it a bit clearer.

X is a person of strong faith. He is a believer, and he goes to church every Sunday but is corrupt. He wouldn’t dare to hurt people for his personal benefit. Y is a person who visits the church when he feels like, doesn’t mind calling him a cafeteria catholic but is ready to help the poor and serve the needy. Who would you rather be? Who do you think would enter the kingdom of God?

We need not have to think a lot because we have a clear winner. It is obviously Y who will win his ticket to the final abode. So there is no offense if you are at times a pragmatic Christian because now we know what matters the most.


Bible teaches you to be a human, not a Christian. Just like there are many other religions, Christianity is one way of learning what’s good and what’s bad. But today we are looking past the religion. It simply means the tail is wagging the dog. This is the reason why I wish the Catholic Church could take a different turn and take about humanity rather than Christianity. So Christianity could definitely step a bit down from being an organized religion.

Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia: Taking a Look Back at the History

The idea of communism in Czech was a result of the World War 2 and the cold war that took place in the world. The concept of communism originated in America, but still, most of the American feel wary of this concept and try not to be a part of it. But, to be honest, not many countries follow the stringent concepts of Communism. If a state is under the influence of communism, it simply means that some political party bearing a communist name is in a favorable position or simply say the ruling position. So this makes the country a communist country. There are also other forms of government as in Socialism and one variation of communism called the Marxist communism. So if communism is a concept that originated in America, how did it get into Czech? Let us have a look at it.

Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia

Communist Coup in Czech:

The world saw enough political and economic instabilities and unprecedented leadership practices. To get over the harsh traces that the cold war left the concept of communism was brought into Czech in the year 1920. If I had to say how communism came in exactly, every nation had a group of people who believed in the ideologies of communism and these groups include few political parties as well. Since one such party proved to form dominance in the nation, communism came into Czech in the 1920s, a period right after the cold war.

Position after the 1920s:

The position of the communist parties in the Soviet Union kept outnumbering the other parties. Right after the WWII, the positive impact that the communist parties had created until then helped them gain a position in the political state of the country. They also gained good support during the election that helped them win, following which the communist party in the Czech territory formed the government. This is how the communist coup gained dominance over Czechoslovakia.

What is true communism?

The idea of communism came into the picture when people thrived for equal economic and social rights along with an equal supply of goods and services under one common rule. But at the same time, communism was backed by other political ideologies as well. Like we stated earlier, the complete concept of communism was not established anyway. The word ‘communism ‘just remained in the names of the political parties. Also, even the prominent leaders of the party themselves wanted to promote a democratic environment. So all these factors did not leave communism to spread out.

On a final note:

People had communism confused for other political ideologies such as feudalism, socialism, Marxist communism among others. This was purely because of the political interest that overtook social interest of the rulers. This finally led to the downfall of the communist economy. However, even today there are a lot of political parties that carry the name communist. We still have communists all over the world, including Czechoslovakia, but there is no communism.

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